From June 24 to July 5 the MA Fine Art graduation show 2016 will be held. This year at two venues, BAK and Academiegalerie, plus several spatial interventions in the city of Utrecht. Reserve the date and keep an eye on this website for further info! ...

Make sure you meet the May 31 deadline for the 2016 -2017 MA Fine Art course at MaHKU! Upload your application here.   Read more

MaHKUscript is a new, peer reviewed, journal that specifically targets the significance of research and knowledge production in contemporary Fine Art practice. MaHKUsc... Read more

MaHKUscript #2 Call for Contributions: CRITICAL SPATIAL PRACTICES
MaHKUscript, Journal of Fine Art Research, seeks contributions  The second issue of MaHKUscript will focus on the current state of Spatial Practice. Public spaces and urban cultures need novel impulses for our contem... Read more

UNIVERSALITY - Tiong Ang at 1st Asia Biennial / 5th Guangzhou Triennial
Tiong Ang’s new work ’UNIVERSALITY - DECORUM OF THOUGHT AND DESIRE’ (2015), presented at the 1ST ASIA BIENNIAL / 5TH GUANGZHOU TRIENNIAL as a total installation, brings together a diversity of reflections and subjective perspectives on how contemporary li... Read more

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  • Curatorial Studies the artist as exhibition maker

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  • Spatial Practice research-driven strategies

MaHKU is the Master programme of the Utrecht Graduate School of Visual Art and Design (part of HKU University of the Arts Utrecht).

MaHKU offers a one-year, English language Master of Arts (MA) program in Fine Art. The program consists of seminars, workshops, studios, and tutorials where artists, architects, curators, designers, and various theorists share their knowledge, creativity, and professional insights with MaHKU students.

The MaHKU MA Fine Art program departs from the student’s individual project proposal that is part of the application procedure for the program. Through various components of the program such as critical studies, research studies, studio practice, spatial practice, media theory, and curatorial studies, students are incited further to realize and contextualize their own projects. The year is concluded by a curated exhibition and a research report. 

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MA studies in:

Fine Art

Study profiles:

Critical Studies
- Spatial Practice
- Curatorial Practice
- Studio Practice

For the current course programme check:
Fine Art Agenda

Artistic research

Spatial Practice -

MA Fine Art students on site Public spaces and urban cultures need novel impulses for our contemporary life. Those impulses ask for research-driven strategies based on both creative and analytic methodologies in mapping and analysis. The objective of MaHKU's Spatial Practice is to work with intervention and research units where professionals and students from the domain of art, architecture, and public space design are able to develop novel solutions and creations through interdisciplinary dialogues and agonistic negotiations. Interventions could vary from radical architectural fiction, artistic intervention, to experimental practices in public inside and outside spaces. Read more

Curatorial Practice -

Photograph by Stavroula Gregoriou

Nowadays, artists need to be able to independently develop the most suitable ways to present and disseminate their works. The MaHKU Fine Art program therefore considers Curatorial Practice an important part of a contemporary research-oriented artistic practice.

With emphasis on the practical, this part of the MaHKU Fine Art program takes place in collaboration with BAK, institute for the contemporary, a leading centre for contemporary art and research in Utrecht. 

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