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Share the Square

11 Interventions In and Through the Mariaplaats
The project Share the Square is a collaboration between MaHKU MA students in Fine Art and Expodium, Platform for Young Art. It is conducted as a series of research based workshop activities organized by Mika Hannula, the curator of the exhibition. These workshops and lectures took place within the framework of the Expodium program with the aim of critically yet constructively re-examining the content and role of interventions in the public space.   
Share the Square is a collective effort that has three inter-linked dimensions. It takes places out there, at the Mariaplaats square, as a temporary act of an intervention, both in the front of the conservatory and in the back of the garden; it gains another kind and type of an articulation in the Academiegalerie, a work of art that translates and transforms the interventions which took place in the square; and finally, it is present at the exhibition space as the roots and routes of the development of the project addressed as the research components of each artist’s practice.   
Share the Square is based on one site (Mariaplaats) and on one (temporary intervention in a public space) idea that frames and brings together all the individual activities. The square that is shared is the beginning of the beginning. It is the starting point from which each participant and each project gains an individual and unique weight and trajectory – taking us towards personal and private experiences at a public space.   
The project is an invitation to think with and to be with: with the chances and challenges of sharing ideas and ways of being together at the Mariaplaats and at the Academiegalerie. It is a project that highlights the means and ways of not what a public space is but how that place is made and shaped.

Participating artists Yoon Hee Kim, Wang Shihui, Pedro Kok, Luciana Benaduce Figueiredo, Ron van Grootel, Ryan de Haan, Hyun Ju Chung, Tianji Zhao, Ali Khan Yazdany, Peter Bowyer, Francesco Federici, Leonardo X

MA Fine Art Open Studio 2011
Utrecht School of the Arts, Faculty of Visual Arts and Design
room 1.04, Ina Boudier-Bakkerlaan 50, Utrecht
Thursday 30 June, 18–21
Friday 1 July, 10–21 
Saturday 2, 11–17 
Sunday 3 July, 11–17
Curator Mika Hannula (i.c.w Expodium, Platform for Young Art)
Opening 24 June 2011, 17–19 hrs.
Dates 25 June–9 July 2011
Open Wednesday–Saturday 12–17 hrs.
Mariaplaats and Academiegalerie,
Address Minrebroederstraat 16, Utrecht