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Professorship Artistic Research

Besides his activities as Dean of MaHKU, Henk Slager is also Professor of Artistic Research at HKU. Artistic Research entails a specific methodology and understanding of research. Departure point is the researching artist who has the capacity to provide a theoretical context for the artistic and creative process and is able to position himself/herself as a producer of knowledge. The Professorship Artistic Research explores relevant research methodologies and potential links with visual disciplines and media. It also charts how artists deploy these methodologies and insights in their research projects.

The activities of the Professorship Artistic Research include:
  • research and development seminars
  • research coaching
  • reflection on PhD research in Fine Art
  • organization of symposia and presentations (see also DARE)
  • initiate publications (see also: MaHKUscript. Journal of Fine Art Research)
  • development of new curricula