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Philosophy of the Programme

Utrecht Graduate School for Visual Art and Design

At MA programme Fine Art the topical debate within the field of art is central. The programme considers itself an experimental, dynamic testing ground for thought about the role and position of the graduate school as an education and research environment.


You'll find this philosophy is borne out in the MA Fine Art curriculum:

  • Critical studies and your artistic practice are mutually inspiring;
  • Research and a researching attitude are central;
  • Processes are stressed rather than finished products;
  • Emphasis is placed on a curricular structure with workshops and seminars;
  • Individual tutorials also play a significant role;
  • Interdisciplinary and transmedial projects give you a new view of your chosen discipline/medium;
  • External activities such as publications, symposia, and excursions are an integral part of your curriculum.

Study Profiles Interdisciplinary work is central to the programme. The broad scope of the programme includes profiles in studio practice, spatial practice, critical studies and curatorial studies. 

    • The Studio Seminars critically assess the changes that have occurred in the nature and function of the artist's studio from the postwar period on. The issue of production is also linked to the role that the (meaning of) various media play in articulating artistic research.  
    • The Spatial Practice seminars focus on artistic thinking and interventions in public space. Attention is drawn to new forms of engagement, artistic action and activism, planning and urban culture, public and urban culture, public and in situ work, as well as artistic forms of architectural imagination. 
    • The Critical Studies seminars focus on current research discourse. These seminars discuss forms of artistic thought, terminologies, and points of view. They contribute to the development of a research-based attitude and the ability to present the artistic production in a topical way. 
    • The Curatorial Practice seminars emphasize the pre-conditions (physical, contextual and institutional) for exhibiting artistic production. Special attention is drawn to generating interconnections (linking objects, images, processes, people, locations, histories and discourses).