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MaHKUzine #2, Winter 2007

MaHKUzine's issue #2 is an outgrowth of the Dutch Artistic Research Event (DARE) symposium, organized by MaHKU together with Casco – Office for Art, Design, and Theory. The symposium concluded DARE events such as an exhibition of the final work of graduate students in five art spaces and institutions in Utrecht: Expodium, Academy Gallery, Casco, University Museum, and Central Museum.
In the context of exploring artistic research, the DARE symposium sought to profile complex and critical positions, while highlighting experimental and analytical modes of investigation in both visual art and design. Participating were Pauline Terreehorst, Martin Beck, Daniel van der Velden, Emily King, Stefan Dillemuth, Florian Pumhosl, Dave Hullfish Bailey, Wendelien van Oldenborgh and Emily Pethick.

Kilian Idsinga's graduation thesis Public Domain According to Corporate Colonialism and Heino Schmid's A Solipsistic Argument of Art Documentation were chosen as excellent examples of methodologies in artistic research essays. MaHKUzine will continue to publish alumni essays of outstanding quality. For MaHKUzine #3, essays by Anne Andriesen and Ellen Rubel have been selected.

In the concluding interview of this issue, physicist Robbert Dijkgraaf talks about creativity in both visual art and science. His views on the similarities and differences between scientific and artistic research offer novel insights into how research proceeds in those fields.

The Reports section is written by MaHKU's alumni. In a visual contribution, Joris Lindhout reviews Chronology, a recent publication by Daniel Birnbaum. Karien van Assendelft reports on Out of Focus - a symposium she organized as part of her graduate work exploring artistic and scientific concepts of disruptions in perception.

MaHKUzine is a biannual series published by the Utrecht Graduate School of Visual Art and Design. Mahkuzine hopes to initiate a 21st century discourse into the topical world of visual art, editorial design, spatial design and fashion. That discourse should provide links to a novel field of research, called artistic research.

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