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PhD Research

At MaHKU artistic PhD Research is not a goal in itself. It is an activity that can contribute to the stimulation of the general research climate of the the Graduate School. For that reason we work, in collaboration with external partners, on individual doctoral trajectories, that focus on the central question of the Fine Art programme: the question into the position of the artistic image in current visual culture. The researchers are temporarily part of the MA Fine Art staff and contribute to the curriculum. 

PhD research project
: Irene Kopelman

The Molyneux Problem, 2007-2011, Accomplished (September 3, 2011)
The Molyneux Problem focuses on the role of drawing as a tool and method for artistic thinking and research and conceives itself as an invitation to consider the ideas of observation, respresentation, visualization, perception, discovery and re-discovery.
Funding Sia-Raak
Supervisors Mika Hannula (MaHKU/ University of Gothenburg), Jan Kaila (Finnish Academy of Fine Arts, Helsinki) and Henk Slager (MaHKU, Utrecht)
Examination September 3, Utrecht. Examiners: Magnus Bartus (Stockholm) and Anke Bangma (Amsterdam/Bergen)
Degree Doctor in Fine Art (in collaboration with Finnish Academy of Fine Arts).
Exhibition August 20 - September 25, 2011. BAK, Basis voor Actuele Kunst, Utrecht.
Download the dissertion here.

PhD research project
: Jeremiah Day

A kind of imagination that has nothing to do with fiction, Allan Kaprow and Hannah Arendt and a practice for a new publicness of art, 2011-2016.
Can contemporary art contribute to the political debate? How can current art practise realize its ambition to play a significant role in public life? Can the new field of research in the arts be used as a renewal of the content of visual arts, or will it turn out to be just another form of instrumentalization of the arts? With Kaprow and Ahrendt as examples and guides, this research project will develop through concrete artistic and discursive projects in the public realm: speculative insights will lead to practical experiments that in turn will form the basis of a new way of thinking.
Funding Fonds BKVB/NWO
Supervisors Wouter Davidts (Free University, Amsterdam), Henk Slager (MaHKU, Utrecht).
Degree PhD (in collaboration with the Free University Amsterdam) Awarded: 2017.

PhD research project: Lonnie van Brummelen

Drifting Studio Practice – a return of the making in the thinking, 2012-2017
Why does a debate that leaves artistic work unquestioned, dominate the platforms of art and culture? In line with the current reorientation on the real in critical thinking, this research tries to link the achievements of critique to a renewed focus on objects, with the aim to come to a theory of practice that offers creators opportunities for constructive action and complements existing theory with insights and experiences from artistic practice. To this end artistic production is compared to production in other sectors by means of fieldwork in communities of farmers and fishermen. The empirical research is embedded in theories about fieldwork and representation from cultural anthropology as well as reflections on the worker, work and workplace of filmmakers and thinkers. Using object-oriented theory the field of research is expanded to a field of relations between people and objects.
Funding Fonds BKVB/NWO 
Supervisors Patricia Pisters (University of Amsterdam), Henk Slager (MaHKU, Utrecht).
Degree PhD (in collaboration with the University of Amsterdam)