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Public Space Design

MA DESIGN - June 2013
UP. HERE. NOW - The Work Shop
We don't think you need another solipsistic product. You already have a great deal of them. We think you want us to address issues begging for improvement. Here and now. We are looking for opportunities and urgencies that you may have. We'd love to assist you in connecting public causes with personal engagement. We can express the cultural symbolism of consumption, and help you appreciate its workings. We can support you in tackling the global complexities of production.

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MA Design
- The Work Shop
Location: Radboudhof 4th floor (Part of Call of the Mall)
Opening Friday June 21, 17.00
June 20-30, 2013

MAD! [Make a Difference!]
From all over the world Spatial Design students have drifted to the Dutch shores. They brought personal issues and cultural contexts—matters they were confronted with, couldn’t avoid, or were simply fascinated by. Read more

Curator Arjen Oosterman
Dates 22 June–30 June, 2012
Hours Wednesday–Saturday 12–17
Opening June 22, 17–19
Location Aorta, Achter de Dom 14, Utrecht

From Research to Design
Research/Design Project with both Interior Design and Public Space Design students by Ralf Pasel and Mareike Krautheim dealing with climate + urban life and form-follows-climate. Topics include: How does climate effect urban life? What are the climatological influences on urban space?

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Workshop Rotterdam Research Safari
Supervised by lecturer Stefan Bendiks the Interior & Public Space Design students explored spatial conditions in Rotterdam South. Click here for a comprehensive report of this safari. Read more

Research/Design project by Space&Matter on vacant Transferia in the city of Utrecht with both Interior Design students and Public Space Design students.

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Augmented Realities - exhibition
For designers, more than ever the city is the condition to confront. More than ever the existing is the material to work with. Eleven students from the Spatial Design department of MaHKU present their research in the Utrecht architecture center Aorta. Read more

Curator Arjen Oosterman
Location Aorta, Achter de Dom 14, Utrecht
Opening 30 June, 17-19
Dates 29 June–3 July, Wednesday–Sunday, 12–17

Parking Garages
Research/Design Project by Space&Matter on vacant Parking Garages in the city of Utrecht with both Interior Design students and Public Space Design students.
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Subtle Revolutions – graduation exhibition
Despite the fact that the Spatial Design students originate from eight different countries their presentation shows a striking unanimity in the involved, process-oriented, approach of the design discipline. Read more

Curator Arjen Oosterman (Editor in Chief, Volume Magazine)
AORTA, Achter de Dom 14, Utrecht

Graduation Exhibition with Interior Design

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Location Aorta, Achter de Dom 14, Utrecht 
Arjen Oosterman (Editor in chief Volume/Archis)

Tongji Summerschool
Two Public Space Design students participated in the CAUP design summer school organised by Tongji University in Shanghai, China. One of  their groups was awarded the Gold Prize in the TranslocalMotion International Students' Exhibition of the Shanghai Biennale 2008.

Workshop Art in Public Space
MA Fine Art and Public Space Design students participate in an Art in Public Space workshop. Read more

Location  Het Blauwe Huis,
Lecturers Jeanne van Heeswijk and Dennis Kaspori. 
Duration 8 weeks