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ABiotic Factors

Curator: Marion von Osten

Participants: Chao Wang, Dinos Milonas, Elena Pietrini Sanchez, Haoran Kang, Susan Tyler Jenkins, Tereza Telúchová, and Zhengqing Li. 

Opening: June 23 17.00 – 19.00

Exhibition: June 24 – July 9, Wed – Sun 12.00 – 18.00

BAK, basis voor actuele kunst. Lange Nieuwstraat 4, Utrecht 

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ABiotic Factors 

Water on asphalt mirroring the sky, the prism in a drop of oil, a smuggled tree, a network of waterways, slimy drops crawling along a metal fence, an eco-machine pumps liquids. The urban landscape is equally biological, social, built and geophysical. Cities are ecosystems, not just in a metaphorical sense but actually inhabited by subnature, human and non-human animals, toxic components, machines, electricity, gas pipes and telephone cables, and informed by climate conditions, traffic organization, public and private zones, and social interactions. The nature-culture of contemporary urban societies is the point of departure for this year’s international Master students exhibition at BAK, basis voor actuele kunst in Utrecht.

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MA Fine Art Graduation Show 2016: Caulfield, Cauliflower and other Vegetables June 24 -     July 5, 2016

Opening: Friday June 24    

Lange Nieuwstraat 4, 3512 PH Utrecht, Netherlands  

Minrebroederstraat 16, 3512 GT Utrecht, Netherlands  

Lange Nieuwstaat 106, 3512 PN Utrecht, Netherlands  

Participants: Marija Angelovska, Goeun Choi, Stavroulla Gregoriou, Ola Hassanain, Kathy Holowko, Willem Holtrop, Pooja Hukku, Kristina Országhová, KT Rangnick, Constanze Schreiber, Iliana Soriano, Felipe Zapata Zuluaga   

Curator: Markus Miessen  

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MA Fine Art Graduation Show 2015: Tomorrow I May Dissapear
June 24 – July 5, 2015  
Opening Graduation Show:  
Wednesday June 24, 17.30 – 19.30  
Minrebroederstraat 16  
3512 GT Utrecht, Netherlands  
Participants: Ahn Phan Nguyěn, Egbert Jonkers, Iman Al Sayed, Jan Yongdeok Lim,    
Koštana Banović, Lotte van Geijn, Renée Aagtjes, Sepideh Raiesi, Victor Muñoz and Yasaman Owrang.    
Curator: Natasha Ginwala    Read more

Photography Jessica de Schipper

Venice 2015 - 1st Research Pavilion experimentatlity
11-17 May 2015  
1st Research Pavilion   
Sala Del Camino, Convento Ss.Cosma & Damiano,   
Giudecca 621, Venezia  
Opening hours: 12-17   
Coordinator: Tiong Ang   
Participants: Renée Aagtjes, Iman Al Sayed, Lotte van Geijn, Egbert Jonkers, Victor Muñoz, Ahn Phan Nguyen, Yasaman Owrang, Sepideh Raiesi, and Jan YongDeok Lim    Read more

Ma Fine Art Graduation Show 2014
Today, too, I experienced something I hope to understand in a few days.

Exhibition Dates: June 20 to July 5, 2014
Location: Academiegalerie, Minreborederstraat 16, 3512 GT Utrecht
Opening: Friday June 20, 17.00 - 19.00
Visiting hours: Wednesday to Sunday, 13.00 - 18.00

Participants: Anna Ioannidi, Yumemi Kobayashi, Minsung Park, Uzine Park, Ika Putranto, Heekyung Ryu, Clara Turchi, Alejandro Vasquez, You-Na Wang, Audrey Wang, Yinan Wang and Gayane Yerkanyan Curator: Christina Li

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New World Academy - BAK / Jonas Staal
In November 2013 MA Fine Art students participated in New World Academy, an initiative of artist Jonas Staal and BAK basis voor actuele kunst. New world Academy invites political organizations to share with artist and students their views on the role of art and culture in political struggles. 

This culminated in the first session of the Open Source Tribunal:  National Democratic Movement of the Philippines  against those responsible for the  Unnatural disaster of typhoon Haiyan 

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Istanbul Biennale Project
Under the inspired leadership of core-tutor Tiong Ang MA Fine Art alumni presented a communal project at the Istanbul Biennale.

The Pavilion of Distance 2 (Cross Roads and Hazy Maze). Tiong Ang's collective production, is a confrontation of two film projects where artistic thinking processes dissolve into public space: a rhythmic montage of a modernistic, impersonal suburban scenery versus the narration of a temporary formation of a group of young artists within an urban setting. A singular, performative event juxtaposes the moving, pre-recorded images with their real-life counterpoint. (Cast: Sebastian Gonzalez de Gortari, Eduarda Estrella, Adriana Ramirez, Robert Wittendorp, Hiroomi Horiuchi, Frans van Lent, Heleen Langkamp, Sobia Zaidi.  Crew: Ryan de Haan, Martina Stavrou, Zeynep Kayan, Efrat Gal. Director of photography and editing: Alejandro Ramirez).   Read more

photography by Tiong Ang
Performance September 13, 2013
Exhibition dates: September 14  - October 20, 2013
Venue: Rezan Has Museum
Address: Kadir Has cad. 34083 Cibali, Istanbul

Try Teaching This

After teaching the MA Fine Art Exhibition project at MaHKU for five years lecturer Mika Hannula has set down his thoughts on teaching interventions in Public Space in an article. Download the complete article in pdf

Try Teaching This: The Pedagogical Practice of Interventions in Public Space

Pedagogy. Oh my, oh my. This is, I believe, that one thing that most of us can agree upon. An agreement that may not be universal, but nevertheless: pedagogy is vexing, it is problematic, and it is not fun. In short, it is boring. Bloody boring.

Why? Because too often it takes the shape of a clear cut and inflexible sender-receiver model with the former high above, the latter down below – and little or no interaction in-between. Therefore, as an activity, it becomes stale and static. It delivers but does not wait for the rebound. It is a one-way street from which hardly any returns, rearrangements or revisions emerge. 

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Let's get Physical

Let's Get Physical - Interventions In and Through the City takes its motive and aim from the continuously changing and evolving cityscape of the city of Utrecht. The pressure is up and so should the pleasure of dealing with our physical surroundings be. Through interventions in both private spheres and public domains, the exhibition addresses the urgent need to find relevant strategies. Not fast, loud, and superficial ones following the logic of the spectacle, but ones generating responses: clever and elegant, beautiful and intelligent.

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Curator Mika Hannula  
Dates June 21 -30, 2013  
Hours Monday - Friday 12-18, Thursday 10-21, Saturday 11-17, Sunday 12-16
Kapitaal, Plompetorengracht 4, Utrecht

INexactly THIS - Kunstvlaai 2012: Festival of the Independents
Students of MaHKU exhibited at Kunstvlaai from 23rd November to 2nd December 2012 at the Sint Nicolaas Lyceum complex on Amsterdam Zuidas.

Kunstvlaai: Festival of Independents is a multi-disciplinary arts festival, which—ever since its inception in 1997—has been the largest non-commercial exhibition of Visual Arts in the Netherlands. The festival is a platform for independent art institutions, art schools and artist-led initiatives to present themselves through live arts, exhibitions, film screenings, archival presentations, lectures and workshops. 

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A major element of Documenta 13 was the Maybe Education project, for which artistic director Carolyn Christov-Bakargiev invited ten leading art schools to participate in the 'Innovative Art Academies Network'. One of the schools selected to join was the Utrecht Graduate School of Visual Art and Design (MaHKU), part of Utrecht School of the Arts (HKU).  

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Longing, Belonging
The starting point for the exhibition is the way we experience a city: understood as the cities we live in and the cities we come from and, not to forget, the cities we pass by and the cities that we dream about.
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Jaiyoung Cho - Temporary construction Ⅰ ready-made objects_152x64x217cm_2012 borrowing chairs, table and plinth from ‘Hoog catharijne’ and ‘Academy gallery’ in Utrecht and returning at the original place after the exhibition
Curator Mika Hannula 
Dates 18–27 May 2012
Hours Wednesday–Sunday 11–18.00
Opening 16 May 17–19.00 
Location Academiegalerie, Minrebroederstraat 16, Utrecht 

Three artists walk into a bar
What happens when three artists walk into a bar? Between 13 April and 13 May 2012, more than fifty new works of art were produced – the result of an open invitation from De Appel Arts Centre to students and residents of graduate and post-academic fine art programmes in the Netherlands, including MA Fine Art students of Utrecht School of the Arts (HKU).

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The mistaken belief of invisibility - Sarah Stein / Enrico Piras

Share the Square
Share the Square is a collective effort that has three inter-linked dimensions. It takes places out there, at the Mariaplaats square, as a temporary act of intervention, both in front of the conservatory and in the back of the garden; it gains another kind and type of articulation at the Academiegalerie, a work of art that translates and transforms the intervention at the square;  it is present at the exhibition site as the roots and routes of the development of the project addressed as the research part. Read more

Curator Mika Hannula (i.c.w Expodium, Platform for Young Art)
Opening 24 June 2011, 17–19 hrs.
Dates 25 June–9 July 2011
Open Wednesday–Saturday 12–17 hrs.
Mariaplaats and Academiegalerie,
Address Minrebroederstraat 16, Utrecht

Venice Biennale Workshop
Any Medium Whatever
This year the Georgian Pavilion organized a one-week workshop for international master students. The workshop focussed on a theme that is also central to MaHKU's Fine Art programme: how the awareness of medium specificity plays a role in the way the artistic image develops critical potential towards visual culture.
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Open Studio MA Fine Art

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Dates August 28 and 29, 2010
Location SWK, Asch van Wijckkade 28-30, Utrecht

Collective Individualism
MaHKU MA Fine Art Degree Show
This presentation is based on a situated and committed take on the chances and challenges of temporal and immaterial works of art outside the white cube.
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Entrance - photo by Pedro Kok
Curator Mika Hannula (Professor of Artistic Research, Gothenburg University) in collaboration with Expodium, Platform for Young Art
Dates August 28 – September 12 2010
Opening August 27, 2010, 18–20.00
Location Expodium, Krugerstraat 11, Utrecht

Artpie / Kunstvlaai 2010
Fine Art alumni Natalia Calderon and Eun Hyung Kim represented MaHKU at the 2010 edition of Artpie/Kunstvlaai 2010.
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Photos by Eun Hyung Kim

Workshop Beyond the Dutch
From 12 to 16 October 2009 MA Fine Art students did workshops closely connected to the exhibition "Beyond the Dutch". Beyond the Dutch explores the intercultural relationship between Indonesia and the Netherlands over the 20th century.
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Studio Hoograven – Graduation
This summer MA Fine Art students had an extra space in Hoograven, Utrecht at their disposal. This ‘Studio Hoograven’ as it came to be called, became the students home base for three months during summer. Students were able to set up an artist run space and organise activities themselves. Read more