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Workshop Beyond the Dutch

From 12 to 16 October 2009 MA Fine Art students did workshops closely connected to the exhibition "Beyond the Dutch". 
Beyond the Dutch explores the intercultural relationship between Indonesia and the Netherlands over the 20th century. Its perspective is defined by three important phases from these two countries’ shared history: the cultural exchange that occurred around 1900 (colonialism), around 1950 (decolonisation) and around 2000 (post-colonialism). The exhibition contains visual art from these three periods, making a clear distinction between the influence of Indonesian art(ists) on Dutch culture and vice versa. 
As fundamental developments such as the process of globalisation, increasing migration and the internet revolution have had a great effect on contemporary art over the last few decades, these influences have created an ongoing discussion about the relationship between Western and non-Western art in our postcolonial age. 
Beyond the Dutch therefore also examines general themes such as identity and memory, the individual vs. the collective, assimilation and resistance and the complex current relationship between the global and the local.  
The workshops presented in this week explored similar issues within a conceptual framework. Artists involved in the workshops were Enin Suprianto, Tiong Ang, Jasper de Beijer, Melle Jaarsma, Agung Korniawan, Heri Dono, Jompet.
For a personal account of the workshops visit the blog by MA Fine Art student Everdien Breken