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Fine Art Alumni

Renée Aagtjes, 2014 - 2015
Sense of place

Iman Al Sayed, 2014 - 2015
Geometry and Statistics of Displacement

Francis Amenakpor, 2005-2006
Amenakpor Francis is a fine artist. I hold a BA Art Degree from the College of Art - Kwame...

Marija Angelovska, 2015-2016
In my work I explore multimedia techniques with the aim of finding ways to break the bound...

Karien van Assendelft, 2005-2006
EINMAL UM DIE WELT (thoughts on movement and perception) I am looking at an old grey...

Luciana Benaduce Figueiredo, 2010-2011
My artistic point of departure happens upon observing the environment where I live. The ci...

Nancy Bleck, 2004-2005
Artist as political subject* Re-inventing the Witness The concept of the 'wit...

Annelies Bloemendaal, 2005-2007
Annelies Bloemendaal werkt aan een collectie van 'objecten'. Ze maakt een archief waar a...

Marah Blom, 2008-2009
In the catalogue of the exhibition ‘Into Drawing’ Arno Kramer speaks about the drawing...

Ellen Blom, 2007-2008
Central for me this year stands building a solid base with the references Ive collected tr...

Peter Bowyer, 2010-2011
Peter Bowyer

Everdien Breken, 2009-2010
Play and games

Christine Bruckmeier, 2007-2008

Paul Buchanan, 2009-2010
Transformations - the eternal horizon, investigations of visibility through social, cultural and economic structures, simulating temporal moments.

Mike van Buiten, 2006-2007

Natalia Calderon, 2008-2009
What is your research (essay) about? My research focused on studying how personal and int...

Jaiyoung Cho, 2011-2012
I pack objects and space structurally. I analyze and measure their structural el...

Goeun Choi, 2015-2016
This is not only for women but also about all gender. I do against with society, not male....

Hyun Ju Chung, 2010-2011
Toward spatial imagination

Sebastian Gonzalez de Gortari, 2012-2013
Two hands, clay

Despina Demertzi, 2009-2010

Bernahu Ashagrie Deribew, 2009-2010
The recent world order has been developing possibilities for economical, cultural and soci...

Sander van Deurzen, 2016-2017

Anno Dijkstra, 2015-2016

Ingrid Edwards, 2009-2010
Altering the Value of Wasteland: Balancing Bonds with Environments.

Chantal Ehrhardt, 2004-2005
I'm fascinated by the vulnerability of life. It seems to contain 'something' which conc...

Eduarda Estrella, 2012-2013
The Logic from the objects

Fariborz Farid-Afshin, 2009-2010
Drawing as a way to translate the reality

Daan Fikkert, 2006-2007

Efrat Gal, 2011-2012
National Identity and Violence

Lotte van Geijn, 2014 - 2015
'How it's supposed to be.'

Ceemin Golshan, 2011-2012
I am mostly interested in minimal photography and small icons hidden from our eyes in our ...

Stavroulla Gregoriou, 2015-2016
Mental data

Ron van Grootel, 2010-2011

Stefano Gualeni, 2007-2008

Ryan de Haan, 2010-2011
As I scribed I could see the magical threads connect this plane to that and in the end I w...

Ola Hassanain, 2015-2016
Back and Forth.

Kathy Holowko, 2015-2016
Synthesis of the wild

Willem Holtrop, 2015-2016
individu versus samenleving

Hiroomi Horiuchi, 2012-2013
There were several prominent phenomena at some point in Japan, such as suicide, religion-b...

Mariska van der Horst, 2006-2007
I want to make labour-intensive, pure, plain abstract drawings, but formal reduction is no...

Pooja Hukku, 2015-2016
space and object

Anna Ioannidi, 2013 - 2014
Shape of consciousness/ Psychogeographer

Hester Israel, 2008-2009
Hester Israel

Susan Tyler Jenkins, 2016-2017
Vitality and Vulnerability

Egbert Jonkers, 2014 - 2015
The edges of reality.

Haoran Kang, 2016-2017

Zeynep Kayan, 2008-2009
Zeynep Kayan

Clara Kerkstra, 2006-2007
What makes an image readable? How far can I go with abstraction? My solution for this...

Jihyun Kim, 2011-2012

Hyemin Kim, 2011-2012
In 'Essays in Love' written by Alain de Botton, a man said to his lover “I marshmallow...

Yoon Hee Kim, 2010-2011
Begin with the arbitrary relationship between ’significant’ (image, sound) and ‘si...

Eun Hyung Kim, 2008-2009
What is your research (essay) about? I investigated the relationship between humans and o...

Yumemi Kobayashi, 2013 - 2014
Experiment for sharing the world 知 魚 樂    ӌ...

Pedro Kok, 2010-2011
The room of architectural representation

Elonda Kollman, 2009-2010
Elonda Kollman

Heleen Langkamp, 2012-2013
The Human Pertual Mobile

Zhengqing Li, 2016-2017

Yongdeok (Jan) Lim, 2014 - 2015

Joris Lindhout, 2004-2005
The fantastic as a critical modus

Theo Marks, 2004-2005

Adriana Meinders, 2006-2007
For me children are the most fascinating creatures of life. They are pure, honest, vulnera...

Konstantinos Milonas, 2016-2017

Anouk Mulders, 2008-2009
Duration Pieces

Víctor Muñoz , 2014 - 2015
Thousand words speak louder than an image When it comes to define space, there are some ...

Alejandro Navarrete, 2006-2007

Ahn Phan Nguyen, 2014 - 2015
Unobvious obviousness

Kristbjörg Olsen, 2006-2007
Traces of Perception What you capture always depends on your perspective or how you org...

Kristina Orszaghova, 2015-2016
Her, Him and Me (Us)

Joyce Overheul, 2011-2012

Yasaman Owrang, 2014 - 2015
Gabbeh: Human, Others, Remedy

Christina Papakyriakou, 2008-2009
Christina Papakyriadou

Laura Pardo, 2009-2010
A Couple of Chapters

Minsung Park, 2013 - 2014
Most of the knowledge we have is formed by media; our thought processes are also running o...

Uzine Park, 2013 - 2014
< utopia for whom? >

Elena Pietrini Sanchez, 2016-2017

Enrico Piras, 2011-2012
My work is based on a research that is mainly focused on narration as a fundamental skill....

Ika Putranto, 2013 - 2014
DIfferent Degree of Absence

Sepideh Raiesi, 2014 - 2015
A Mass Memory Game

Alejandro aramirez Ramirez, 2009-2010

Adriana Ramirez, 2012-2013

KT Rangnick, 2015-2016

Abdul Azis Rasjid, 2007-2008
The Issue of Ancient Letter-Lontarak "... The ancient letter or lontarak is a co...

Evi Renieri, 2009-2010
my identities

Julia Rice, 2008-2009
Julia Rice

Heekyung Ryu, 2013 - 2014

Esra Sakir, 2008-2009
Esra Sakir

Heino Schmid, 2005-2006
The context of much of my work is concerned with identity and displacement. I try to appro...

Jolanda Schouten, 2016-2017

Constanze Schreiber, 2015-2016
momentary mandates

Iliana Soriano, 2015-2016
De/Construction of Matters

Marina Stavrou, 2009-2010
How does a river look when a barrier closure is placed on its flow? Can denial ...

Sarah Stein, 2011-2012
A journey of unknown destination that begins for an unknown purpose can be dismissed as a...

Tyler Sures, 2008-2009
Tyler Sures

Cheng Yan Tan, 2009-2010
Natural state: The Force

Ji Tang, 2007-2008

Tereza Teluchova, 2016-2017
Working with organic growth and guided by the technical means of geometry as well as repet...

Clara Turchi, 2013 - 2014
Death, The Archive and The Womb

Frans van Lent, 2012-2013
Performance & Video

Leonardo Vargas, 2009-2010

Alejandro Vasquez, 2013 - 2014 Humanity have traced many kind of horizons w...

Kris van Veen, 2007-2008

Nina Voets, 2005-2006
8 people 8 packages containing: -A second hand sheet -Two blankets normally ...

Shi Hui Wang, 2010-2011
My studies focus on two main themes:the interaction between sound,space and life;music vis...

You-Na Wang, 2013 - 2014
Life is like flower and fog. Flower is not flower, Fog is not fog.

Audrey Wang, 2013 - 2014
Studies on Self-Reflection

Yinan Wang, 2013 - 2014
My Presented Thesis

Chao Wang, 2016-2017

Hans Weenink, 2009-2010

Robert Wittendorp, 2011-2012
Robert Wittendorp | The conceived being (world)

Lei Wu, 2008-2009
Lei Wu

Ali Khan Yazdany, 2010-2011
Research Considering Direct and Indirect Mediation

Gayane Yerkanyan, 2013-2014
Initial research on relationships of Art and Design For centuries, artists, art crit...

Sobia Zaidi, 2012-2013

Felipe Zapata Zuluaga, 2015-2016
Dumb as a Painter

Tianji Zhao, 2010-2011
We, the nomads of contemporary society, persist to juggle our plural identities and arrang...

Huanhuan Zhao, 2005-2006
Long Bridge Art Space is located in Chengdu, a city with profound cultural heritage. In be...

Evangelia Zotou, 2005-2007
I am interested in taking portrait photograhs. I like to take pictures of people on any oc...