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Eduarda Estrella

The Logic from the objects
Diminuition of oxygen in the ambient air, during the SPASM project at Kunstvlaai, 2012.

My work at the moment is based on the idea of how you can reach a narrative by the interaction with specific objects or by being at specific places. Also, on the mental images you create as you hear a story, the construction of an experience through storytelling actions or even through read stories.
My research is settled in this infinite exercise of dealing with the objects in the world and to direct specific meaning to them with the assistance of past experiences from the expectator and, also, by personal experiences.
A combination of preparing an atmosphere to be entered by someone and a textual production.

How to develop a work where the central subject is the object, the feeling of its materiality in a new aspect of work, a nomadic work, imaterial or in movement by the new structures created. To experience the work in its dislocated condition.