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Overview Facilities at HKU University of the Arts Utrecht

photo: Luciana Benaduce

HKU has a large number of professional workshops and studios where students can work independently supervised by a workshop assistant. The equipment in these workshops is continuously updated to meet current standards.
At the start of their studies in September students take an introductory course in a selection of workshops to make them aware of health and safety hazards.
Specialist help on projects is available from the workshop assistants.

Print workshop

This workshop offers full facilities for relief printing (lino, MDF or wood) planography (lithography and monotype) as well as intaglio printing (etching). Other old photographic techniques (gum printing, blue printing and kallitype) can also be practised here.

Silk-screen workshop

The workshop has equipment for printing on paper, fabric and other materials. Furthermore it has facilities for printing long lengths of fabric and for etching and dyeing fabrics. In the workshop pattern books of various techniques are available with clear examples. Materials such as warm water dyes, fabrics, transfer paper etc. can be bought here.

Photo and digital workshop

This workshop offers facilities and support for photography, printing, film and other digital techniques. It includes:
  • Two computer rooms plus one digital video workshop with a total of 57 computers and 4 flatbed scanners. Software is frequently updated and includes Office Mac 2011, Adobe CS 5.5 Design collection en Master collection (Photoshop, Bridge, Illustrator, Indesign, Flash, Dreamweaver, Premiere Pro), Autocad 2011, Solidworks 2011, Sketch Up pro & Rhino 2011.
  • A studio with four work units, each equipped with a digital SLR camera, a mid-size analogue camera and a technical camera. Halogen lamps and flash equipment are also available.
  • Black and white darkroom.
  • Digital scanner room with six computer/scanner combinations.

3D-design workshop

This is a multi-disciplinary workshop that facilitates small-scale experiments. Equipment includes: industrial sewing machine, drill press, goldsmiths tools, grinders, polystyrene cutter, gas burner, electric fretsaw, glass/tile cutter, a small ceramics and enamelling oven, fume cupboard and various hand tools.

Book printing and binding workshop

The workshop has six presses for letterpress and relief printing. Wooden letters from 30 to 10 augusta are available as well as lead cast from 70 to 8 points. Print formats vary from 35 to 75 centimetres wide. The bindery is for binding and cartonnage projects. It is equipped with bookbinding tools and a professional stack cutter with a max. cutting capacity of 80 x80 cm.

Ceramics workshop
This workshop is for everyone who wants to work with gypsum, clay, porcelain and other plastic materials. Two electric potters’ wheels are available as well as two kick wheels and various hand driven wheels. There are scales to weigh the materials and two ovens with various firing options for e.g. bisque (pottery) and porcelain.

Stop-motion studio

Recently a stop-motion studio was added to the faculty’s facilities.

Print Room (Reprographics)

The print room has three A3/A4 printers and one black-and-white A3/A4 printer. For a fee students can print their work there. In the print room there is also a large format plotter (paper/canvas) for posters, banners and other projects.

Wood workshop

This workshop has up-to-date facilities for all manner of carpentry. Equipment includes: circle saws, plate saws, belt saw, cutters, routers, turning lathes and drill benches.

Metal and plastics workshop

This workshop has up-to date facilities for metalwork. Possible techniques include hammering, cutting, forging, welding, bending, soldering, vacuum shaping, and spray-painting. 

Equipment MA Fine Art
The MA Fine Art programme has a video camera, sound recorder, photo camera and monitors at its disposal that the students can borrow. Further sound and video equipment can be borrowed from the photo and digital workshop.
The MA Fine Art classroom is equipped with a computer, a beamer and a printer.
If student projects require other equipment (e.g. easels, dummies, sewing machines) we provide those in consultation with other departments.

Proto Space / FabLab Within HKU walls you'll find Proto Space / FabLab a 3-D lab that offers techniques such as laser cutting, 3D printing and sticker cutting.

Faculty shop
“The Art shop” is located on the ground floor of the faculty building. It offers a wide range of paper, paints, clay, tools etc. Students can buy materials there at competitive prices.


HKU Libraries
The collection of the library on IBB consists of: 10,000 books, 650 DVD’s, 65 subscriptions to magazines and approximately 250 CD-ROMs. The library also has a newspaper database that can be consulted by students. The library’s catalogue is available online.

Library of the University of Utrecht
With their student card students have access to the Library of the University of Utrecht. This library is one of the largest 'open structure' academic libraries in Europe. This means that the books can be taken directly from the shelves and inspected. In addition to the various language and literature subjects, the library also has works in the fields of musicology, cultural studies, history, theatre, film and television studies, art history and archaeology. A computer network links the library to other libraries in the Netherlands and abroad, making it possible to examine material present in these or other libraries. This network also provides access to data files, such as bibliographies. These files are often on CD-ROM.

Specialized documentation

The MA Fine department has a small but specialized stock of relevant professional journals, books and publications that is regularly expanded.

Academy Gallery

The Faculty of Visual Arts and Design has its own gallery in the heart of the city. This gallery displays the work of alumni and current students and lecturers, as well as the work resulting from international collaboration projects. It offers an opportunity to gain practical experience. Besides exhibitions, events and workshops are also organised. Because of its central location, the gallery is able to organise exhibitions related to projects and events taking place elsewhere in the city.


The Graduate School has its own designated space at HKU location Pastoe. The workroom for MA programme Fine Art, room 0.17.