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Fashion Design

MA DESIGN - June 2013
UP. HERE. NOW - The Work Shop
We don't think you need another solipsistic product. You already have a great deal of them. We think you want us to address issues begging for improvement. Here and now. We are looking for opportunities and urgencies that you may have. We'd love to assist you in connecting public causes with personal engagement. We can express the cultural symbolism of consumption, and help you appreciate its workings. We can support you in tackling the global complexities of production. Read more

MA Design
- The Work Shop
Location: Radboudhof 4th floor (Part of Call of the Mall)
Opening Friday June 21, 17.00
June 20-30, 2013

Within the parameters of studying, researching, and the act of creating, Communication Design students invent new presentative and representative ways of installing their work. They question the dualism of working within a flexible collective program that at the same time includes all individual creative work and research. Read more

Curator Joke Robaard
Dates 28 June–1 July 2012
Hours Friday 10­–21, Saturday and Sunday 11–17.00
Opening: 28 June, 16–21.00
Location: HKU, Faculty of Visual Arts and Design, Ina Boudier-Bakkerlaan 50, Utrecht

Workshop Joke Robaard for Horizontal/Vertical

Graduation show
“Here I was surrounded by fashion and editorial and my so-called mates and I’ve never felt so inspired. Never in all my puff. Since I was on remand, they’ve had me on this program, this state sponsored addiction. Three sickly sweet doses of workshops a day instead of lectures. But it is never enough. I need to visit the MaHKU Exhibition for one hit. One final hit to get us over this long, hard year.” (After Trainspotting) Read more

Dates August 28 – September 12 2010
Location Academiegalerie, Minrebroederstraat 16, Utrecht
Open Wednesday-Saturday 12–17.00

Workshop by Otto von Busch
In February 2010 students of the Editorial and Fashion Design pathways took part in a workshop "Fashion Proactionary" by Otto Von Busch. Von Busch is an artist, activist, fashion theorist and designer. He holds a PhD in critical fashion design from Göteborg University in Sweden. Read more

Graduation Show 2009

Presentation at Beyond Green
On November 12th MaHKU Fashion Design students presented their Black-lab at 'Beyond Green". This international symposium is organised by AMFI (Amsterdam Fashion Institute) / ArtEZ and Stichting Modebewust. Read more

Graduation 2007-2008
Some of the 2007-2008 exam projects by Fashion Design Students.
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Project Centraal Museum
In the autumn of 2007 Fashion Design students collaborated with the Centraal Museum on "Script: fashion and interiors, from salon to house". This exhibition ran until August 8th, 2008. Read more

Graduation work 2006-2007

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Concept store Negen
The concept store was visited by a record number of people.
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Photos Press
Press photographs by Leo Veger of work by 2005-2006 Fashion students.
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designer: Marjolijn Salari

Graduation work 2005-2006
An impression of the show by Fashion students 2005-2006. Read more

Graduation work 2004-2005
An impression of the show by Fashion students 2004-2005 Read more

Photo Press
Press photographs by Denise Boomkens of work by 2004-2005 Fashion students. Read more