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Ahn Phan Nguyen

Unobvious obviousness

“Unobvious obviousness”
The work itself is a chain of questions for things that one individual encounters in everyday life; as I consider some of the daily basis failures. Apart from that, I would like to explore more on how diverse questions can be made, no matter how ridiculous they are. Each question has its own value and sense when it comes to self-questioning. Besides, trying to answer a question without theory research but experiencing with literal actions is what I also found very interesting.
I’m currently working on the project with photos and videos. Not much research has been done. I tend to do as least internet based investigation as possible. I prefer making use of my imagination to explore how differently things could appear to be.
I do self-researches, I write, I take note, sketch and perform. About material used, I personally believe that photos and video work is a good choice, since I often leave my footage simple visual impressions to assure it’s as closest to life and the audience as possible.