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Ingrid Edwards

Altering the Value of Wasteland: Balancing Bonds with Environments.

For this project, I have been working in the medium of Jewelry design using recycled material. 

I have been taking this year to scrutinize contributors of the buildup of trash culture scattered about each individual’s environment. Whether it is disregard for the material rubbish cluttering up ones physical surroundings, objects lying around, left and then forgotten.  More dangerously pollutant, the kind of garbage that is formed by modern media Trash Reality, degrading a woman's worth, encouraging relationship disconnection and creating wasteful garbage spoiling the minds of growing generations, and ultimately being passed onto interpersonal relationships.  These forms of neglect are contributors of the Wastelands. 

For this specific limited edition, I have dissected ideas of love & interpersonal relationships, and placed the very heart of love, the human bond, under my scrutiny.  I have been altering trashy ways love is being sold within the capitalist social system, and disinfecting disregard. 

 By playing a game with society and leaving these little pieces in the public sphere, I aim to create a new for of transaction & networking.  While I am giving the receiver a natural dose of endoprhins as they discover theses non functional jewelry sculptures, I also receive these natural pleasure chemical as I give them a new life of opportunity & maximize the life span of these throw away products, turning them into objects of desire and treating them as if they were objects of adornment for the elites. 

ALTER LOVE: salvage the wastelands.