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Enrico Piras


My work is based on a research that is mainly focused on narration as a fundamental skill. I try to involve in my work themes like collectionism, architecture, archaeology and anthropology as instruments to question the borders between identity and representation and the narrative structures we use to construct them. The final form of my work is often the result of a project and in this way I consider them as an open archive, an accumulation of objects and images that are important to summarize the structure of a process. The themes I use to work on, are based on subjects like the relationship between personal and collective history, the way rapresentation has an influence on our perception of reality. I often start my research from casual stories or experiences, working on aspects like exoticism and the way that certain rapresentations assume to trace social and historical boundaries. The theme of exploration is frequently present in my works, applied to the experience of the spaces, using those objects that remain from a journey: footage videos, postcards, souvenirs as symbols that create connections between places, times and perceptions.