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Hyemin Kim


In 'Essays in Love' written by Alain de Botton, a man said to his lover “I marshmallow you”, which means he loves her. It took out a new way of looking at language; trough language, we can communicate in some degree, because people agree with each other to use the word(s) for communication. And it makes a person re-collect an image which is relevant to the letter(s) in a conditional way. However, aside from the function of language, the word can cause misunderstanding sometimes because the meaning of the word can vary considerably for everyone. 

I am interested in the standpoint that language can be merely a symbolic system with only its shape and without the meaning that the word has given by a dictionary. Because people can see the words with their own meaning, especially when they meet non-native words.

Hyemin Kim
Dec 18. 2011