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Elena Pietrini Sanchez


I was born in Mexico City, 1986. I studied my bachelor in History of Art at Universidad Iberoamericana (2005-2009). I grew up surrounded by the work of my grandfather, the painter Jorge Sanchez Hernandez (1926-2016), who passed on to me his passion for religious barroque painting.

Since then I have ventured into sacred art iconography, Iconoclasm and ritual deconstructions effects in contemporary culture through artistic research, video performance, photography, installation, art objects and painting.

I am currently studying Master in Fine Arts at Hogeschool voor de Kunsten [HKU] in Utrecht, The Netherlands (2016 - 2017).

Feel free to check my website to learn more:


[2016. Video performance]

Breaking Maria

[2016. Video performance]

Unlearning maps

[2016. Video performance - Visual poem]