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Esra Sakir

Esra Sakir

Re-Reading Art History

In some ways art history is like philosophy: it has no immediate practical use, but it forms the basis of logic both in art and culture. My artwork deals with the works of previous artists, not in terms of reinterpretation or new aesthetic forms, but involves ways to allow an audience to relate to the past by re-reading artworks.

Through artworks we are able to observe from a new perspective things we would not be able to view ourselves: artworks provide a window into another time, place and culture. There is not a single interpretation of reality for each artwork, but a multiplicity of communicated ideas already existing in the piece.

My creative and visual research is about how to illustrate these multiple points of access, building an intimate connection to the ideas of the previous artists and their culture. The role of art is to provide the opportunity to observe and connect one cultural period to another with a multidisciplinary approach. 

The artworks we see today take the form of objects, but the true work of art is in the manifestation of the artist’s idea, not in the object itself. With my visual works I make visible the ideas of the artwork in question. I change the elements and arrangements of the original art into other media. For instance I rearrange fragments of a painting into a collage or create a video or animation to illustrate time-based movements.

Amsterdam, 2010


VanAbbe Museum (Eindhoven) 

Esra Sakir