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Kristina Orszaghova

Her, Him and Me (Us)

To My Parents Dear,  


You made a mistake my parents dear,

you raised me in liberty, brotherhood and equality,

principles which made me incapable of living in this society,

forced me to doubt,

how delightful it would be to be an ignorant,

just for a while.


Yet you raised a woman who thinks,

who now has to watch the severe power of strings,

which being pulled one by one destroy the life.


You raised a vagabond,

the embodiment of emotivness,

the victim of her own sensitivness,

who her excessive imaginations escape is incapable of,

who wants to open the door wide,

onto the most beautiful landscapes of life,

those forbidden ones.


My father dear,

I wish you have never read those words to me: 


"A militant fighting for the minority is a terrorist.

A militant fighting for the majority is a patriot.

Every nation was founded upon terrorism. "


And I wonder if we do not prosecute them out of spite,

because they despise and abandon us.


...maybe if more fathers were like this...


My mother dear,


I wish you have never told me:

"One day nature will punish us,

trees will judge,

yet life is so generous it keeps giving us chances to change."


Now I am reading your fairy tales,

which on natural contract are based,

how much you determined who I am.


...maybe if more mothers were like this...


My parents dear,

you made my life in this world hard to live,

how different it is to what you taught me about it.

How am I supposed to deal with it? 


...maybe if more parents were like this...