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Cheng Yan Tan

Natural state: The Force

“I always have a strong desire, that is to die totally. This is not a physical death, it is the death of the limitation of my mind. When I’m dead in this situation, my desire became bigger and bigger.  They surround me deeply.

I was lying on the table, my head was hidden inside my arms, I wanted to disappear totally, I found I was not suitable to this world anymore, the ‘self’ was searching for another space to live, an illusional space, which is a reality. The body started moving,my hand started shaking, the eyes were rapaciously searching the images to satisfy the desire. The images were breathing,  they became some shapes, some colors, some relationships, but, what I saw was far beyond these images, what I saw was a ‘waking up.’ Something was waking up, they started splitting up, propagating, mutating, they were jumping and shining, eager to die and renascent.

They are the states of nature, unmerciful, intense, endless.
They are the organisms living inside the gap of time, with the void body.
They lying there, waiting to be connected by the viewers.
They are the elements of the universe, which is a symbol of the energy of the whole world and our living life. Their movement is caused by the flowing power of the universe.”

Cheng Yan Tan

I made them, observing them, and write down my observation to my blog :

In my work, I imagine I am the visional biologist, using my sensation to do my experiment with  my eye-my-memory-my mind,-my identity-my body. Mixing them, breaking them up, and translate them into the abstractive attention, in order to create an open mind space to the viewers.

ChengYan Tan