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Hiroomi Horiuchi


There were several prominent phenomena at some point in Japan, such as suicide, religion-boom, people who withdrew from society, schoolgirl prostitution, etc.


My research project is to re-analyze the “endless everyday life” which was social situation since the 80s through researching historical situations and concepts that have analogies to it. It was the world that would never be likely to have bright future nor even Armageddon. People in the situation had to spend normal everyday life repeatedly and endlessly.


Now, I’m focusing on the absurd in philosophy as a clue to re-analyze that social situation. Albert Camusdefined the condition that humans face the absurd as the confrontation between human's desire for significance, meaning and clarity on the one hand and the silent, cold universe on the other. And he continued that humans face this problem because they have rationality. How have humans dealt with the absurd?


Due to the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami happened in 2011 and the nuclear power accident caused by the disaster, a lot of people are presently compelled to live in the endless extraordinary. And restoration of the sufferer’s life and abolition of nuclear power plant are the common goal in Japan. Through re-analyzing endless everyday life, I hope to obtain a clue to understand the aspects of this post-endless everyday life and predict the world after the current common goal has been achieved.