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Hester Israel

Hester Israel

Research until now

The beginning

How far can you go trying? When do you cross your own boundries as an artist, or the model being photographed.
When will models stop modelling and become who they really are in person? Or become what I want them to become, on the moment they last expect?
How come indians believed a photograph will take away a piece of their soul?
I'm interested in art as a communication system highly based on the expectation. That's why I like to explore peoples reactions to the camera itself and me as the person who's supposed to be holding the situation.
NAKEDNESS (as a person) versus NUDENESS (as a model)

Looking at the 'Saxon princesses'(Sibyl, Emilia and Sidionia) of Lucas Cranach the Elder and one of the photos from Vibeke Tandbergs series 'Living Together', raised the question wether the difference between them, or the simmilarities did strike me the most.
These two images were my starting point in a visual search to what kind of presentation I'm looking for in my own work.
Vibeke Tandberg is showing that she would like to have a sister, she has this desire and tries to create instead of forgetting the longing. In this she shows a sort of perfect symbiosis between herself and herself.

A Being Alone Together.

Lucas Cranch shows the other part in his 'Saxon princesses'. You can see the similarities, but you get much more focused on the differences between the sisters, the relationship between the strongest, the eldest and the youngest one.
The fact that when you have a sister, you will place eachother next, under, above much more than being the same/equal. Deleuze is also mentioning these things in a more abstract way. When you have experience (reality) there is much more to learn if you can look at the differences instead of the similarities.
And I think that's the thing that really makes me think about twins and sisters.
They have the longing to be together in symbiosis, but at the same time they want to be unique, and of course they are.

A Being Together Alone.