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Pooja Hukku

space and object
These And Those Posters C++
These And Those Posters C++

How I translated my experience of space and object...

When I first started to learn about the relationship between space and form, I watched and heard my teachers and fellow students. I discovered that the words themselves took a form for me and I could design non-linear patterns from the words I heard in my various classromm works. I could create shapes out of the sounds I heard. For me, one profound discovery was that I could use the spoken words as tools to construct images.

In fact I used sound as a medium to experiment how sound can become an object and evolve as a form, even though we cannot really see or touch it like a solid object. I used objects like tennis ball, paper, daily noise, claps, random human conversations, exclamations to construct and deconstruct their sound forms to develop a new form. Then again I used sound – the one I ripped from a YouTube video, and created a repeated action from the sound notes of a voice. These repetitions evolved into a different form.

From sound I moved to using images, and used swatches of images from my daily life, objects that I saw on a day-to-day basis to develop a video. My imagery involved corridors in my hostel, the cycle stand, children playing, and the zebra crossing. This was to show how personal space defines the social space, and is an integral part of the social space. Our daily interactions and the objects in that are interconnected. When taken in isolation the object then is in the absolute abstract space.

Finally I used the technique of different viewpoints to show the same object in space, and how they are interconnected yet show different perspectives. For this I used a glass of water as an object and created two versions of a video taken from two different devices – my Macbook, and my professional camera. Then I interlinked the two to show how the same object in the same space can appear different because the ways to perceive the object (in this case two different devices using different technology) are different. So the experiment showed how the same object in the same space can look different because of the angle of perception, and how the object is conceived in different mediums as a situation.

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