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Christina Papakyriakou

Christina Papakyriadou

In modern times, that everything is moving and changing so fast at the same time, the reality seems to be more complicated than ever. As humans, we give a hand to build that complicity of contemporary way of living. What are the results of this? : We are standing in front of the fact; look at it, and trying to find ways to manipulate our reaction, just to survive in it. How and with which methods can art play a role in that situation? How can art move through different directions? Which are those, and what are the alternative ways of understanding things through art. Through these ways we learn how to research our way of thinking, the way that we perceive things that happens around us, the relationship between them and how they help us to build our perception. My subject will be the relation of identification of any kind of situation, regarding time and space. I choose to create digital images, which will play the part of reality. These images will be a kind of platform for a real moving body in circumstances of improvisation, which tries to establish itself in a reality that it’s different for every one of us. I will try to create as many different ways of approaching as possible. For example, my next step will be starting with a question: “If you were time/space what kind of time/space would you be?” By interviewing people, and asking them to give an impression of a space in a specific time, and react within, or even create that space in any possible way, I will keep video documents to collect information and create every time a new subject of my work.