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Ali Khan Yazdany

Research Considering Direct and Indirect Mediation

Considering Direct and Indirect Mediation

Technical part

I started the research with comparison drawing of the objects of my own environment that I can see and touch from live model and took the picture of that model then drew. When I drew from the live model, I found it difficult than drawing from a photograph, because it is a three dimension model and I translate it into two dimensions by drawing. the light is changing every moment, but when I draw from a photograph it is easier and helps me to do more detail, because it is a still image and it is already translated into two dimensions. I found it interesting; we can see more details when we draw from a photograph. What our eyes cannot see the camera can see very well and the camera can focus on one object that we want and defocus the other surroundings. The camera takes only a fraction of a second so the light and shadow are not changing. When I draw from the photograph it is mostly from the screen of the computer, when I cannot see some details correctly so I zoom in and can see more details. If we draw only from a printed photo it is not as comfortable as the screen photos.

Especially when I draw a portrait it has a lot different from the live model and from a photo. The feeling is different and the similarity is more different.

Narrative part

This building that I drew is called Gulbahar Center which is still under construction, but last year when I was in Kabul there was an attack in front of this building. The suicide bomber came with a minibus and the police was going to check the bus on that time the suicide bomber exploded him in the minibus and killed some people and damaged the building.

The other building is called Kabul City Center last year the terrorists went inside the building and started firing around the building on the people and the policemen and then when the policemen was going to catch them they exploded themselves and killed the people, broke all the glasses and damaged the building. That shows the inhumanity of the terrorist or Taliban.

This year again I heard from the news that the terrorists wanted to go inside the Kabul City Center, fortunately the guards prevent them to enter the building and so they exploded themselves at the entrance, but unfortunately killed the guards.

Experiencing the structure or the form of drawing

Recently, I started Experiencing with the copy of the drawing cutting them and reshaping them and I found it interesting especially with the portraits.

One day I did not have my pencils so I started the drawing with a pen and made this drawing and it was interesting and I continued with portraits as well and then I decided to name it curly drawing. It does not need more attention while drawing.



Maria Plaats project

At the Mariaplaats project the first time when I was going to start drawing, I asked the person who sat next to me: Can I draw your portrait? She answered: “no because I have only 10 minutes, I am waiting for my colleague it is just a lunch break.”

So after that I decided not to ask the people, just I started drawing the person who sat next to me and after finishing the sketch, I showed to the person and he/she was surprised and happy. One day I was sketching an old man sitting next to me and after I showed the sketch for him he was happy and liked the drawing and told me to continue then I started to make the shadows and when I finished the drawing he liked it and he asked me if he could have it, so I gave him his portrait.

It was the interesting one for me because then he started to talk to me about the history about Afghanistan and Holland and he mentioned his opinions about the war in Afghanistan. We talked almost two hours.

The other day I was drawing a Turkish boy, his friend came on that time and saw the drawing he liked it and asked me to draw his portrait and tattoo on his neck with weeds’ leaves too. When I finished his portrait he asked me to if he can have his portrait, but I said no, because we have exhibitions a month later. Then he took a photo of his portrait with his mobile phone and the other one took the drawing to the photocopy machine for copying, which reminded me of remediation.