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Kristbjörg Olsen

Drawing (detail)
Inner Outer (video still)
Drawing (detail)
Inner Outer (video still)

Traces of Perception

What you capture always depends on your perspective or how you organize your observation. Like if reading a book with a certain notion in mind you gain knowledge, ideas and connections that otherwise would have escaped your attention.
In my methodology I seek to organize my observation in order to go beyond the presupposed meaning and discover new aspects. I focus on some limited attribute of some object or a phenomenon, a line, a movement or a sound and try consciously to ignore its visual and conceptual connections. My method of focusing is meditation like in the sense that I aim to be mindfully aware of my observation, focus on something specific, stop the wandering of my own mind and in the meantime I listen to but try not to judge my own experience.
I use various mediums depending on what I aim to capture. Most often the medium is related to what I seek to capture like when I videotape a movement. However I do also experiment with using a medium, which is in opposition with the observed thing, like when I draw a sound or a movement.
In my drawings I do this by choosing some trait of an object that can be interpreted into line, then I draw focusing on that trait only, without looking at the paper while I draw. So the line depicts some traces of perception most often without revealing its origin.

Important factors in my research:
Sensory perception
Organized observation
Detaching elements or attributes from their source
Combining unrelated elements
Meditative concentration
And in all this rhythm is ever present

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