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Marija Angelovska

One possibility of realization
One possibility of realization

In my work I explore multimedia techniques with the aim of finding ways to break the boundaries within my artistic conventions. My main focus is on the primordial urges which make up my identity, translated in different forms of expression. 

In my opinion a work of art can never fully be translated in the tangible world, and as hard as one tries to completely grasp the notion behind it, it is never possible to do so. The artwork is in constant change in regards to the external factors which surround it. This is the reason why I have decided to explore the specific factor (space) which in my opinion is from great importance. I would like to focus on the different attributes which a work can attain; how and to which extent does the work changes when placed/taking place in several different surroundings/spaces/contexts. I do not perceive space as something fixed. There are a lot of factors which are important when it comes to the perception and experience of space. Every space has its own physical, geographical and metaphysical attributes which reflect on the spectator in a very subjective manner. In this sense my idea of space and art are intertwined and closely connected. One way in which I could explore this subject is by exhibiting a single work (also possible performance) in several different venues/contexts.