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You-Na Wang

Life is like flower and fog. Flower is not flower, Fog is not fog.


We usually think that memory is something true from the reality which is real exist or had been exist. At least I believe it before. However, memory is something not totally true. We can say it is composed by truly fact but had been disposed. My definition of memory is reactions to some moments. It can be taught, can be misrepresented or falsified after the moment, it can be imaged, it can be illusion or it can be close to truth.

Memory Device

After I have my cell phone, I cannot remember any phone number in my mind. I think our brains are too small to remember, so we put our memories in different divides. The concept of memory is the same as computer RAM. In the ancient times, we put memories in pictures and books, then after camera showed up, we put memories in photos. Now we put memories in 「memory cards」 and 「clouds」. Only when we open a file, we can recall our memories. Only when devices are running, memories exist. Otherwise, we do not have memories in our brains. If we lost links or keys to those devices, we can never reach those memories. That's why people feel panic when they lose their phones or computers.

Memory and Photography

Memory is taken from reality and return to reality. So is Photography. Photography is based on drawing but the very different thing is that photography is something had exist at least in one moment. People say 「seeing is believing」 because they believe photos, but I say 」believing is existing」, when you believe, it becomes true to you. At the beginning, I take photos because I want to remember but I find out that I am creating memories not to remember. Final results of photos will be my ideal imagination of what it should be in a specific moment. Things will follow my desire but maybe far from truth. When I see an object from a photo, it has been different from the object I took at that moment because I re-recognize and re-think to the object. It becomes new a thing, new memory when it becomes a photo.

Inner world and outside world

My concept of this world is that we all live in the same time and space but we live in different world. Everyone has their own world. Some parts of our world overlap with some parts of others, especially people who life in the same area. Language is the bridge to connect with other's world. 

Plato's famous theory: Theory of Forms is that 「 there are forms that exist outside the material realm, and therefore are unchanging-they do not come into existence, change, or pass out of existence. It is these ideas that, according to Plato, are the objects or essence of knowledge. Further, he posited that the body, the seat of appetite and passion, which communes with the physical world (rather than the world of ideas or forms), is inferior to the intellect. He believed the physical aspect of human beings to be irrational while the intellect, or reason, was deemed to be rational.」 「The Forms are not limited to geometry. According to Plato, for any conceivable thing or property there is a corresponding Form, a perfect example of that thing or property. The list is almost inexhaustible. Tree, House, Mountain, Man, Woman, Ship, Cloud, Horse, Dog, Table and Chair, would all be examples of putatively independently-existing abstract perfect Ideas.」 「Plato says that true and reliable knowledge rests only with those who can comprehend the true reality behind the world of everyday experience. In order to perceive the world of the Forms, individuals must undergo a difficult education. 「 (

Most of time I feel I live in a very different world from most people so I have lack of language to explain my world, my thinking to others. Therefore, I want to use photos to explain my world. Because we have the concept of ideal form. It is easier for people to have the same feeling when they see the things I put in photos as we have same experiences.