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Abdul Azis Rasjid


The Issue of
Ancient Letter-Lontarak
The ancient letter or lontarak is a collection of alphabets written down on the leaves by Sulawesi's ancestors and contain messages about philosophy of life and became a part of the traditional arts in Sulawesi, Indonesia which I want to drive in my work such as sculpture, installation and video during following this program. Entering inside, communicating softly with the object gives me proud because it shows my identity a part of the high-culture and I can see myself very happy...

To give more colours in this idea, I will also try to fuse or mix the ancient letter with the other chanels like ritual, poem, sound-language, documentations and rather- hidden messages in order to get a new direction and balance.

When I started working in this field, questions or big remarks that I faced are how to drive the ancient letter that already had the canonical form and how far to modernize the form-object but still keep them in the originalitas especially in symbolic meaning and on the other hand, I can still play freely my inclining/interest as an artist in.

Tabiq, Azis"