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Iliana Soriano

De/Construction of Matters
Mapping - Detours
Water series 1
Water series 2
Water series 3
Mapping - Detours
Water series 1
Water series 2
Water series 3

I want to explore through my artistic research the relation between the matter and the body through my singular (collective) experience, to capture these links visually, spatially and temporarily. I want to make visible those points of deviation (failure) and friction in space and time derivated from the appropriation on one side and the “error” as moment in potentiality on the other side, because I think these ruptures are an important form to show the true nature of matters and of the human being -dark, dense, imperfect, irrational and in constant change-. 
The subjects of study in my artistic research are:



Creating breathing shapes

speaking and dialoguing with us,

giving us shelter.


All those emotions and feelings that triggers and evokes us,

Is vivid experiences perceived through the alert presence of our senses, leaving indelible marks on our bodies.


The space lets you feel its emptiness,

its temperature, its rhythm, its texture, its light,

if it is high or low, open or closed, inclusive or exclusive.


Space is touching with your sight,

with your skin, with your breath, with your tongue,

is to absorb its silences and speeches,

it is to feel the warm light bathing the cold wall,

fading in the reflections of the water.


Space is intimacy with oneself and with others,

lying on a soft pillow,feeling the folds of the sheets,

of our body,the unfolding of oneself.


Space is time turned into singular / collective meaning,

is past and future, but above all space is present,

is now, is experience, is to feel, to live, is to imagine,

is carried away by the whirlwind of fire, water, air and earth

transforming our being.



Time is the point where the place and the event occur,

is the sensation of being,

it´s all times and none at once.


Time is relative,

it is concentration, is compaction, is stretching, 

is conjunction, is distention...


Time is moments of lucidity and plenitude 

suspended between two nothings,

propelling our lives through acts.


Time is vivid memories captured in the memory 

of animated and inanimated entities,in the memory of our spaces.


Time is experience made scar,

ItÂ’sto grow, learn, fail, nourish, transform, drift.


Time is the path of six o'clock sun stroking the water, the trees, 

the buildings and the people until it fades away 

to shine again in an endless cycle,

it´s the trunk of a tree telling us its history,

It is the leaves of the trees growing, developing,

to transform back again


Time is the movement of my eyes, my legs, my chest, my head, my being

making it his own,

time is the awareness of now.



The body is our inseparable, finite and infinite space,

is language, symbol and knowledge in construction;

is a sanctuary of memories and knowledges,


The body is spontaneity and improvisation experiencing 

and transforming the spaces and times where it exists,

is right and wrong becoming possibility,

strength and vulnerability,

is incarnated passion,

is emotion, energy, creativity, sensitivity and delivery.


The body does not end in the physical boundaries,

it extends beyond itself, through imaginary bubbles 

that are built with other singular and collective worlds.


The body is a resource to get away from reality,

building internal worlds.