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Evi Renieri

my identities

Amartya Sen writes that identities are always plural.

They arise from our background, our associations or social activities. Through this project I explore ways to represent visually, the plurality of identities in which I am involved as well as the emotional conditions that occur during my effort to decide on the importance and relevance of each identity in every specific context. Several of my identities can be contradicting.

I can be simultaneously a Greek citizen and a resident of the Netherlands, a daughter from a Greek patriarchic family and a supporter of feminism, an independent thinker, a housewife, an artist, a student, nature and culture, a woman who desires professional practice and one who also desires to create family.

To visualize my diverse identities I use different mediums and techniques. Artworks printed on postcards become often the models for my drawings and silk-screen prints. Other postcards, I employ without intervening on them. Among others I use depictions of nature’s elements and drawings of my interpretation of the essence of identity. I put all these on cards, building-cards.

The building cards have openings in all their sides in order to be combined with each other and form a house construction. The house can symbolize myself. The cards symbolize my different identities.

Their combination is no smooth procedure. Part of each card has to be cut in order to receive the other. This is a sort of grafting, a sort of surgical operation. A similar operation my identities have to undergo in order to form my integrated self. The plurality of my identities comes into contact with each other, changing by exchanging, through collisions but also through smooth merging.

Combining the building cards in different ways I can alter and expand my identity-construction like Bouriaud’s Radicant. Similar to the ivy plant, which grows its roots and adds new ones as it advances, I can add new building-cards and make my construction grow and advance. The ivy grows its secondary roots along its primary ones; it develops in accord to its host soil. In my turn, I build up my identities through borrowing from my social and cultural environments.