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Mariska van der Horst


I want to make labour-intensive, pure, plain abstract drawings, but formal reduction is not the only thing my work is about. It contains minimalistic elements, but the abstraction points back to a dominant emotional/ narrative content.

The chaos of impulses and impressions from my surrounding is transformed into a logical, structured repetitive art making process. It is produced out of my desire for continuity, stability, the desire to block impulses from the outside and to stand still in time and focus on myself, my thoughts and feelings. The act of making inclines to Zen meditation, to a metaphysic act that shows a few similarities with rituals.

The drawings themselves represent a timeline of thoughts and decisions. In my work there is a continuous relation between the agreements I make with my head, my intuition and my hands. The decisions I take are in the end always in service of the end product. This means sometimes a form of denial of my state of mind. As I told you in the story in the beginning, my focus during the work varies from a focus on the level of feelings to a rational level. Besides this change of level I try to keep the same level of concentration while making the work. Only subtle nuances indicate expression.