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Peter Bowyer

Peter Bowyer

I am primarily a sculptor, though I also produce drawings, short animated films and installations that combine these mediums. My practice and research includes a personal and historical re-evaluation of some overlooked aspects of modernism. I am currently looking at the work of artists and philosophers who were involved with ‘new geometries’ and intra-dimensional visualization techniques during the first two decades of the twentieth century. The arrival of cubism coincided with a general interest in finding a spatial fourth dimension. I am in the process of making installations of sculpture and related drawings about these transitional or intra-dimensional areas of thought.

Pictured here is a studio shot of ‘Meadow’ a work completed last summer, consisting of a central object and some related drawings that focus on the rhythmic weave of sunrise and sunset in our perception of time.

‘Foehn' another sculpture installation from 2010 opens in Toronto, Canada on November 19th.