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Ellen Blom

Central for me this year stands building a solid base with the references Ive collected trough out the years.
Under these references are for example books, music, works from other artists and pictures out the media. The first thing that they all have in common is that Ive collected them, Ive chosen these things and brought them together. Now I want to find out why these things are so dear to me and what more links them together.
The one thing that plays a big role in all my collected references is nostalgia.
Ive limited the references down to four movies and the picture album of my mom.
From the movies Ive taken five film stills which I will use as source material.
The use of film stills is new for me, I used to work only with photographs.
But I feel that my paintings have always had a connection with film stills. What they have in common is that both are frozen moments and the story takes place outside of the image.
Im interested to see what effect the film stills as source material will have on my work.