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Despina Demertzi


   Art Gallery:" Museology Street " is a Street Action in the public, free and democratic space. It constitutes a series of experiments in Museology Street, in the neighborhoods of the world, in the open exhibition area of the free society. The project is a merging of Sciences and Arts and it is directed by Synaesthesia. It is governed by a joint – collective spirit, by the interdisciplinary character of Museology, human anatomy, poetry, music, commotion and synergy in both Art and Life. It is merely an IDEA and a Composition with sociopolitical aspects. The aesthetical interpretations are Multipaintings (posters),a Manifesto and an experimental music album.
   Here, the notion of visual communication is infused. Which is the form of the interactive communication between the posters and the spectator?  Is it a time lag, a dialogue, a gap, or some rapture? Is it surplus or loss? Which is the form of such an intervening space that has to be bridged? But still this communication is not alive. Where is the Aura? Where is the Heart? And which is its place in public space? How could I hear  and record the concepts on the move, the Relocations and Translocal motion? How  could I infuse conditions of human life in dynamic urban environments,the logic of mobility and topicality? Art documentation and Migratory Aesthetics support my intentions.To conclude with, this train of thought led me to the cartography of the synaesthetic Reality: The Identity and Aura of Visual and Sound open-closed systems of diasporic peripheries.
    Art Gallery: "Museology Street " is my contribution to the efforts made by my generation to create a new model of Democracy, is the formation of my responsibility by the combination of an ever-fresh and ever-identified street action and its poetic punk existence. Art was born in the Street and rightfully returns to this very Street.

Despoina Demertzi
Department of Fine Arts