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Shi Hui Wang


My studies focus on two main themes:the interaction between sound,space and life;music visualization.   
I am interested in how sound influence people's life,through analysing the sound in public space,especially in markets where there are various kinds of sound interweaving with each other,I can investigate in how people interact with those sound and how those sound influence people's life style and the attitude towards life. 
I am also interested in how to use different expressions to demonstrate my own understanding of sound and music. Currently,I am working with using various ways to visually present the movement of sound in my imagination.
I use various mediums for my works,such as audio,video,photography,installation,sculpture,etc.  
My works have been presented in 2006 Music Engineering Department Concert,2008 Music Engineering Department Concert, 2008 Shanghai eARTS festival V2 workshop,2009 Visual Debussy Concert,2009 Shanghai International Electronic Music Week Closing Ceremony.
I am also the member of various music labels mainly based in China:Brain Wave, Communication,Little Sound,Rougemix Records and The Antidote Party. 

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