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Egbert Jonkers

The edges of reality.

I am Egbert Jonkers, I was born in 1990 in the Netherlands.

I am an art photographer. (graduated in 2015 at MaHku)

“Music, poetry, dance, visual arts, etc., they all originate in the collision of the soul with an aspect of the reality for which reason has no terms and language has no words.”
                                                                    ~Abraham Joshua Heschel

On the edges of our society, the places, the situations where the human control of its vicinity is relinquished different processes have a chance to develop. This is a setting in which an object develops and transforms. The present vegetation grows and new life is created. But the object itself develops, too. “Everything assembled fades and perishes. Man also.”

Us humans, too, create, build, develop, et cetera, but we don’t realize the transience of it all. Everything we create or assemble undergoes a phase of construction and drawback.
In the phase of the drawback we are able to see how creations become looser over time until they have detached themselves of every form of human control.
To me it is as if they have freed themselves of it.
In a short or long process they return to the life they arose from and become hummus, dust or energy from which something new can be created.