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Adriana Ramirez


MOTIVATION  STATEMENT HKU Master in Art of Fine Arts   I came to study the MA Fine Arts at HKU to be able to regain conscious about my creative process, and have a step forward it. But furthermore, questioning my methodology and open my senses to new concepts, so I could go beyond my praxis. I am eager having contact with colleagues, teachers, curators, and tutors to challenge myself. After this year, I would like to have the power of combine both, what I am as a Colombian artist and what I will get renewing and overwhelming continually my own creative geographies (mental maps and paths).

In addition, the city of Utrecht is ideal to appreciate culture and participate on it. Now, living here I comprehend the meaning of multiculturalism; I have the certain that the experience of be part of this environment focused into arts, culture and education is fundamental to challenge and push myself.

This master is more than a studying goal. 
I found a fertile platform to mature the spirit and improve qualities as artist and as a human.