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Nancy Bleck

Artist as political subject*
Re-inventing the Witness

The concept of the 'witness' is continuous in my artistic practice. Within this notion are subtleties and complexities in constant flux and contradiction. The multiple ways in which we inscribe ourselves on the spaces we inhabit lead me to question the territory where change occurs in nature, whether that is political, ecological, or personal, and the ethical and aesthetic responses that follow.

When speaking of cross-cultural dialogue, nomadic identities, memory, ecology, power relations, migration, gender or spatial geographies in depicting landscape photography, I call up the potential of art responding to specific transitions and social responsibility. For me personally, the subtle act of bearing witness is to dispel violence.

Photography and more recently video, enable me to closely examine observations on the social order of nature, it's codes and conventions, by moving with them in time, space and memory, and beyond them by active re-invention.

*Discussion elaborated from conference in Berlin titled 'Klartext - The Status of the Political in Contemporary Art and Culture', in the final panel talk,
Artist's and Cultural Producers as Political Subjects. Opposition, Intervention, Participation, Emancipation in Times of Neo-Liberal Globalization'. January, 2005