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Audrey Wang

Studies on Self-Reflection


Self-reflection, or the philosophy of consciousness is mandatory to the improvement of oneself, yet is almost impossible to introspect without other filters. Humans, as experiential animals, come to self-reflect through interaction with other subjects, whether they may be people, dreams, or as modern day cruelly outputs – technology.  


The dialogue involved in self-reflection is on three layers: dialogue with others (interpersonal relationships), dialogue with self (unconsciously through dreams), and dialogue with inanimate objects (projections of self through usage). The medium of dialogue will be exploited to reveal truths about oneself.



The transcription of dialogue onto written text loses essence, voice and subjectivity. Any form of recollection only exists in favor of our preferences, and human memory is constantly updated according to the renewal of our taste. Through documenting one’s thoughts, one is able to self-reflect upon his/her behavior or reaction. However, it is also worth reflecting upon the warped, euphemized version of introspection, in other words to self-reflect upon self-reflection. My research will continue based on this point, in which relationships are formulated on a balancing axis, in which everyone has a seemingly equal weight revolving around each other, yet the ultimate goal is to tip off the balance.