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Adriana Meinders

For me children are the most fascinating creatures of life. They are pure, honest, vulnerable and strong at the same time and have a great imaginary world. They are all finding their identity while growing up, like every human being is doing.

I am especially interested in the medium photography, which is the only medium I use at the moment. There are different ways of making and looking at a photograph as a medium. I use photography as well as a research method, as a resource or starting point and as a work on itself. Photography is never a representation of reality, because a photo doesn't move, reality does. A photograph is a lie, like most photo's are. They don't show reality. A film also has that problem, you always have restrictions, a certain framework. You only can create a reality effect that comes the most close by reality. In theory I want to focus on photography as a medium. Questions I am asking myself are:

What's the thing in a photograph that moves people, the sublime?
What are the restrictions or boarders of the medium photography?
How far can you go to reach 'reality'?
How close can I get as a photographer towards my photo model?
What's the interaction between the photographer and the model?

As an observer I want to make many, many photographs like snapshots of foster-children, my own foster-sisters and foster-brothers, without having a specific idea. This kind of visual research works the best for me so unexpected things can happen. I want to come as close as I can get to these children. I want to show the real identity of the child by registering body language, suddenly movements and face-expressions. I am especially interested in these children because they are used to me as a photographer and I know them very well. I want me, and later the viewer, to be the voyeur. I want to play with the tensions between private and public, acting and reality, the voyeuristic and the exposed.