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Try Teaching This

After teaching the MA Fine Art Exhibition project at MaHKU for five years lecturer Mika Hannula has set down his thoughts on teaching interventions in Public Space in an article.  Download the complete article in pdf
Try Teaching This: The Pedagogical Practice of Interventions in Public Space Pedagogy. Oh my, oh my. This is, I believe, that one thing that most of us can agree upon. An agreement that may not be universal, but nevertheless: pedagogy is vexing, it is problematic, and it is not fun. In short, it is boring. Bloody boring. 

Why? Because too often it takes the shape of a clear cut and inflexible sender-receiver model with the former high above, the latter down below – and little or no interaction in-between. Therefore, as an activity, it becomes stale and static. It delivers but does not wait for the rebound. It is a one-way street from which hardly any returns, rearrangements or revisions emerge.