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Kunstvlaai 2012

Students of MaHKU exhibited at Kunstvlaai from 23rd November to 2nd December 2012 at the Sint Nicolaas Lyceum complex on Amsterdam Zuidas.

Kunstvlaai: Festival of Independents is a multi-disciplinary arts festival, which—ever since its inception in 1997—has been the largest non-commercial exhibition of Visual Arts in the Netherlands. The festival is a platform for independent art institutions, art schools and artist-led initiatives to present themselves through live arts, exhibitions, film screenings, archival presentations, lectures and workshops. On average more than 70 institutions participate and present the work of over 350 Dutch and International artists at each edition.   
The 2012 edition was curated by Natasha Ginwala (IND) and Fleur van Muiswinkel (NL).
MaHKU students presented  the project SPASM (A sudden, involuntary contraption of muscles, or a sudden burst of energy, activity, emotion, stress or anxiety unrelated to, or as a consequence of, involuntary muscle activity). 
SPASM is an experimental education platform performed and installed by students of the Fine Art  department of MaHKU 2012. The platform is both a physical presentation of finished or unfinished artworks and a mental study case of group dynamics and differentiated perspectives exposed by various methods of art education and models of display. The focus is upon the question whether new structures of learning within the artistic process aim to respond to an increasing demand for organized production and discursive reflection or might evoke more involuntary responses and extended critical boundaries. 

During the Kunstvlaai there was a string of announced and unannounced, public and private lectures and workshops by MaHKU faculty members.