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Joke Robaard

Guest Lecturer
Joke Robaard (1953) is an artist/researcher and a lecturer at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam. She is operating on the interface of social-geographical research, carthography and photography, and interconnects these with philosophy and textile and fashion  theory. Her work is an ongoing archive into these fields and domains.

To mention an archive-example , she has been analyzing the representation of art and artists in
fashion magazines and advertising:
Artists’ studios or gallery spaces form the perfect setting for fashion photography. Here, the aspect of culture (as signifier) offers no end of possibilities for identity and added value: models pose as painters or sculptors in 19th century settings, for example, or as amateurs who paint in the open air and smoke a cigarette.
Not only fashion and art, but also fashion and clothing are often viewed as opponents. What interests her, however, are the transitional zones: the point at which fashion becomes clothing, and clothing becomes fashion; how fashion regards and annexes art, and how art can absorb the phenomenon of fashion and last but not least how image is inseparable from text.    

Recent exhibitions include: Get Real/Real Self, Museum of Modern Art Arnhem (2011); Model and the Other (part of Textiles), MUHKA, Antwerpen, Belgium (2009); Endless Shirt, Stadtmuseum Graz, Austria (2007); Stand-in, Secession, Vienna (2003) ; Dutch Pavilion Venice Biennale 2011.

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