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Henk Slager

Lecturer Critical Studies

Research and visual art have colored the context of many activities developed by Henk Slager over the last eight years. Significant contributions to the debate on the situation of research in visual art resulted from his professorship Artistic Research and his position of Dean of the Utrecht Graduate School of Visual Art and Design (MaHKU) leading to productions such as the yearly Dutch Artistic Research Event (DARE) and the publication of the biannual MaHKUzine, Journal of Artistic Research.   

In 2006, Henk Slager initiated – together with Jan Kaila and Gertrud Sandqvist – the European Artistic Research Network (EARN), a network investigating the consequences of artistic research for current art education in symposia, expert meetings, and presentations such as A Certain Ma-ness (Amsterdam, 2008), Epistemic Encounters (Utrecht, 2009), Arts Research: Publics and Purposes  (Dublin, 2010), Tables of Thought (Helsinki, 2010), Agonistic Academies (Brussels, 2010), Art as a Thinking Process (Venice, 2011), Staging Knowledge (Istanbul, 2012), Doing Research (Documenta 13, 2012), The Counter-Order of Things (Venice, 2013) and What is Monumental Today (St. Petersburg, 2014). 

Departing from a similar focus on artistic research, Henk Slager produced various curatorial projects such as Flash Cube (Leeum Seoul, 2007), Shelter 07 (The Freedom of Public Art in the Cover of Urban Space City of Harderwijk, 2007), Translocalmotion (co-curator 7th Shanghai Biennale, 2008), Nameless Science (Apexart New York, 2009), Becoming Bologna (Collatoral Event Venice Biennale, 2009), Critique of Archival Reason (Royal Hibernian Academy Dublin, 2010), Artistic Anthropology (NJP Art Center Seoul, 2010), As the Academy Turns (Collaborative project Manifesta 8, Murcia 2010), Any-Medium-Whatever (Georgian Pavilion Venice Biennale, 2011), Temporary Autonomous Research (Amsterdam Pavilion 9th Shanghai Biennale, 2012), Offside Effect (co-curator 1st Tbilisi Triennial, 2012), The Judgment is the Mirror (Living Art Museum Reykjavik, 2013), Joyful Wisdom (Collateral project Istanbul Biennial, 2013), Modernity 3.0 (80 WSE New York University, 2014), Aesthetic Jam (Project Taipei Biennial, 2014), Experimentality (1st Research Pavilion Venice Biennale, 2015) and Timely Meditations (5th Guangzhou Triennial/1st Asia Biennial, 2015). 

Henk Slager's current positions are Dean of the Utrecht Graduate School of Visual Art and Design (MaHKU), Professor of Artistic Research at HKU Utrecht University of the Arts; Professor of Theory and Artistic Research at the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts/University of the Art Helsinki; Tutor Curatorial Program at De Appel Foundation, Amsterdam; Founding Member European Artististic Research Network (EARN) and Member of the Advisory Board of PARSE (Platform for Artistic Research Sweden). 

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Henk Slager