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On Wednesday June 28th Fine Art Student Karien van Assendelft organises a one-day symposium "OUT OF FOCUS" on Attention & Blindness in Expodium.

Location: Expodium, platform voor jonge kunst, Utrecht Vredenburgpassage 88 / Bovenvredenburg 27 (back entrance to Muziekcentrum Vredenburg) ' Hoog Catharijne, Utrecht,, 030 2619796

Why is it that one person draws our attention while we are blind to another? Why do wee have a blind spot for a letterbox until we know it is red? What role do technical expedients like the camera obscura play in the development of perception? Is the deception of perception reserved for artists?

These and other questions will come up for consideration during the symposium OUT OF FOCUS, which find its origins in a fascination with distortions in perception. Four interesting speakers will shed a light on various aspects of perception, from basic perception research to the deception of perception.
Physicist Jan Koenderink will give insight into how we perceive space and shape in a two-dimensional image. Philosopher Petran Kockelkoren will go into the history of the indirect 'mediated' look in art(theory).
Visual Artist Barbara Visser will take the audience into her fascination with the way photography manipulates and tints the gaze. And cognitive psychologist Willem Wagenaar, expert in the field of reliability of witness statements, will shed a light on the influences on people's perception. The symposium is organised by Karien van Assendelft, visual artist and student at MAHKU, Utrecht
The audience will be invited to join in the discussions and to ask questions. The afternoon will end with drinks and a meal. At 19.00 hours the exhibition 'Boxed Potential' will be opened.

PETRAN KOCKELKOREN, Professor of Art and Technology, Faculty of Philosophy University of Twente, and lecturer of Art and Technology at ArtEZ Art Academy.
JAN KOENDERINK, Professor of Human Perception, Physics of Man, University of Utrecht.
BARBARA VISSER, Visual artist who plays games with fact and fiction, confuses the audience's perception through her videos installations and photographs.
WILLEM A. WAGENAAR, Professor of Cognitive Psychology, University of Leiden, specialised in problems of perception, memory and decisions in the context of jurisdiction.

MODERATOR AND ORGANISER: Karien van Assendelft


PARTICIPATION: free, please make a reservation through:
Karien van Assendelft
020 6855642