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EXPOSITION BOXED POTENTIAL 28 June 2006 ' 09 July 2006
OPENING Wednesday 28 June 2006 at 19 hours

ARTISTS Francis Amenakpor / Thorbjorn Andersen / Sarah Andrews / Karien van Assendelft / Jenny Baines / Rebecca Birch / Sara Bjarland / Annelies Bloemendaal / Florencia Guillen / Michael James Jones / Andy McCafferty / Naheed Raza / Heino Schmid / Nina Voets / Huan Huan Zhao / Lila Zotou

Location: Expodium, platform voor jonge kunst, Utrecht Vredenburgpassage 88 / Bovenvredenburg 27 (back entrance to Muziekcentrum Vredenburg) ' Hoog Catharijne, Utrecht Wednesday to Sunday 13 ' 18 hours,, 030 2619796

"Boxed Potential" started last autumn with two cardboard boxes, one in London and one in Utrecht, that artists filled with shreds of sound, photographs, objects, texts, sketches and other inspiring materials. The boxes were exchanged and unpacked by the artists overseas. These materials served as a starting point for the works that are now on show in "Boxed Potential". Literally or metaphorically artists from London find their rough materials back in the works of the Utrecht group of artists and vice versa. In the course of this project several direct collaborations have developed, stemming form shared fascinations for, for example the breakdown in human communication or the short life of an insect.
The period in Expodium will be followed by an exhibition in London this autumn. On that occasion the works of art will be re-fused, transformed and reconsidered into new works of art. In this project artist share ideas and forge ties. New works of art are created that cast an unexpected light on the work of the individual artists.